What is Seasonal Sunday Lunch?

A celebration of seasonal food. A celebration of the tradition of Sunday lunch. A celebration of sharing a meal with friends, family and perhaps even strangers!

Seasonal Sunday Lunch was created as a way for us to share our passion for local, seasonal food. It’s simple really, one Sunday each season we have committed to bringing together a group of people for a seasonal feast.

Join us!

Each season the Seasonal Sunday Lunch team sets a date for lunch. The date is announced here and emailed out to subscribers. We’ll be sharing our plans and creations – we’d love for you to join us.

Already have plans on the announced date? Not a problem! Simply choose a day that is best for you and your friends. You could even hold a Seasonal Sunday Lunch every week of the year.

You can become part of the Seasonal Sunday Lunch community by sharing your ideas, recipes and menus, and hosting or attending a lunch.

Find out more about organising a lunch or find a participating restaurant. Don’t forget subscribe for free to stay up to date with what’s happening!

Why eat seasonally?

Food that is ‘In Season’ where you live is fresher, tastes better and is easier on the weekly budget, so why aren’t we all eating seasonally?

Seasonal eating used to be a practical reality – you ate what was produced during your local garden cycle – but refrigeration, agricultural technology and long-range transport have changed the way we access food. These conveniences of the modern age mean that as our lives become more urban we move further and further away from understanding where our food comes from.

Find out more about seasonal eating and why it is such an exciting time for seasonal food. Don’t miss our handy ‘What’s in Season?‘ guides.

Who are the Seasonal Sunday Lunch team?

At the end of 2012 Lorraine Jokovic sent a cryptic email to Jennifer Jenner saying only ‘I have an idea, it involves food, we should chat‘.

Passionate about fresh, seasonal food, local producers and great chefs. Seasonal Sunday Lunch was their way to share this passion with others. Read more about the team and find out how the project started.


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