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Born from a desire for better education around seasonal eating and a wish to create a movement of people sharing the delights of good produce, in late 2011 co-founder Lorraine Jokovic set her dining room table with a bounty of seasonal food and invited five couples over for an afternoon of eating. It was the first unofficial Seasonal Sunday Lunch.

The plan was for each attendee to in-turn host their own lunch the next season with a new group of friends. This would go on each season until one lunch turned into six, and six turned into 36, and the idea spread and grew exponentially… but life got a bit bumpy as it can and in mid-2012 friends started asking Lorraine what ever happened to that lunch idea. Shortly thereafter she contacted former colleague Jennifer Jenner with a cryptic email saying only ‘I have an idea, it involves food, we should chat‘.

Jennifer, knew the concept was brilliant the minute she heard it. With ties to the food industry and a passion for small producers the ideas started flying and the wheels turning. She started writing and designing and building a website – and before they both knew it the Seasonal Sunday Lunch project was born!

Jennifer Jenner | Co-Founder & Editor

Jennifer JennerJennifer (JJ) thinks about food constantly. When she went ‘unprocessed’ a few years back it changed how she approached eating and refocused her attention on organic and seasonal produce.

Having spent many a summer and winter holiday on a family farm in New York JJ has had the fortunate experience of eating tree-ripened pears, and grapes directly off the vine. These days she gets her fruit and veg from farmers’ markets and small organic shops while dreaming of the day she’ll have a backyard – or even balcony – garden.

Based in Sydney JJ is a recipe developer, marketing consultant, freelance writer and editor of the popular food blog 84th & 3rd. She believes food should be fun, healthy does not mean boring and if all else fails pie makes everything better.

Favorite seasonal foods include: Summer watermelon and cherries // Autumn pears and pumpkin // Winter kale and clementines // Spring peas and avocados

Favourite meal: Brunch, every single time. Long lazy lunches run a close second.

Get in touch: jj (at) seasonalsundaylunch.com

Lorraine Jokovic | Co-Founder

Lorraine JokovicLorraine’s long had an interest in fresh produce and seasonal foods. Her particular passion is for organically and ethically sourced ingredients and the availability of foods in season.

You can usually find her frequenting organic food markets in Sydney, growing her own fruit and vegetables and tending her ever growing clutch of chooks.

In Lorraine’s professional life she is CEO of one of Australia’s largest independent advertising agencies. They boast among their clients Animals Australia, whose most recent ‘Make it Possible’ campaign against the factory farming of pigs and chickens has received international accolades, forcing major retailers to review their buying policies to ethically based suppliers.

Favorite seasonal foods include: Summer asparagus and any berry // Autumn beetroot and figs // Winter cabbage and mandarins // Spring spinach and strawberries

Favourite meal: Breakfast

Get in touch: info (at) seasonalsundaylunch.com

The Seasonal Sunday Lunch team is based in Sydney, Australia.


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