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Thank you for your interest in the Seasonal Sunday Lunch project and community!

We are glad you’ve decided to join us. While we hope everyone plays well with others we see terms as a bit of an necessity these days. It’s kind of like lining a cake pan with baking paper – the cake may be fine without it, but we don’t want the bottom to stick and fall out…

  • seasonalsundaylunch.com is referred to from here on as ‘The Website’
  • We hold no responsibility for lunch events in homes or restaurants, any associated risk is the responsibility of the organiser and attendees. Restaurants take responsibility for any lunches they hold as part of the Seasonal Sunday Lunch program.
  • Abuse is not tolerated, comments may be deleted and users blocked if we detect abuse. Contact us to report abuse.
  • Opinions expressed on the Seasonal Sunday Lunch informational sections of the website are those of the founders and do not represent the opinions of any company they work(ed) with in the past, the present, or the future.
  • Opinions expressed on sites we link to are their own and may or may not represent the opinions of Seasonal Sunday Lunch or the founders.
  • Opinions expressed in contributor articles are those of the listed author.
  • Any recipes and sites we link to are property of the respective site owners. While some of the sites are supporters of Seasonal Sunday Lunch inclusion on this website is not an indication of endorsement.
  • While we endevour to only provide accurate information on the website, Seasonal Sunday Lunch holds no responsibility for the accuracy of recipes seen on or linked to from the website, or any assets spent or lost in the execution of these recipes.
  • By sharing information on the Seasonal Sunday Lunch website via forms, comments or posts you are granting permission for use of said information in online and printed materials. The original contributor will be credited by name if such information is used.
  • Image submission via on-site forms or email communications indicates an approval for images to be re-published on the website.
  • Any sponsored activity published on Seasonal Sunday Lunch will be disclosed as such. If you are interested in partnering with Seasonal Sunday Lunch please contact us for more information.
  • We will never share or sell your personal details. Your name as provided to us in comments or submissions may be used to acknowledge credit for information shared on the site.
  • Content on this website is property of Seasonal Sunday Lunch, please do not reproduce without written consent.
  • Seasonal Sunday Lunch was established in November 2012 by Lorraine Jokovic and Jennifer Jenner.

Updated 14 March 2013

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