Our first Seasonal Sunday Lunch partner – Restaurant Atelier!


A quick chat on a summery Thursday afternoon before a booked-out dinner service, the first real pitch of Seasonal Sunday Lunch to anyone but family and close friends, a proud yet nervous explanation of our project… “So we’ve created this, idea, it’s called Seasonal Sunday Lunch…

Chef Darren Templeman, Owner, Head Chef and creative genius behind Restaurant Atelier leaned forward eagerly as a broad smile broke across his face, “What a great idea, this would be a perfect thing to include in our 10-year anniversary event calendar!

An audible sigh of relief and an equally broad smile was returned, and with that we had our first Seasonal Sunday Lunch partner restaurant on-board!


Chef Darren’s inventive, seasonally driven menus and long weekend lunches are the reason why he was one of the first people that came to mind as a perfect match. Whether you are looking for a romantic 7 course degustation, an afternoon pork masterclass, or a spit roast family style lunch, Restaurant Atelier never disappoints.

We can’t wait to see what his Seasonal Sunday Lunch menu will look like.

The Restaurant Atelier Autumn Seasonal Sunday Lunch will be held on 21 April 2013. Bookings can be made via their site.


There are other restaurants in the pipeline and we hope to announce them soon!

If you are a restaurant that wants to participate contact us to chat. If you want to recommend a restaurant you can do that here.

Photos property of and republished with permission from 84thand3rd.com

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