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All towns are small towns at their soul.

Even when I lived in NYC, a city of over 1.6 million people all squeezed into less than 23 square miles (60 square kms), it was remarkable how often you’d bump into the same person again and again. Whether is was rounding a corner, or walking into a meeting, or being introduced to a friend of a friend, the universe somehow kept reminding you how very small the world is.

In the same way, when you believe in something you tend to somehow find like minded individuals heading in the same direction. I recently attended an event where I was introduced to the ever-networked Tony. Upon mentioning Seasonal Sunday Lunch to him he hopped straight on Twitter and connected me with Grant and Socoloco. A few weeks later Grant and I caught up for lunch and the wheels started to turn. He had not only just kicked off an initiative called ‘Seasonal Saturdays‘ but was working on a web app that, amongst other things, made it easier to find out what produce is in season and link to relevant recipes.

We decided to combine our efforts and I’m so excited to welcome Grant’s Socoloco Seasonal Saturdays community to Seasonal Sunday Lunch!

Over the next few months we’ll be adding recipes that previously appeared over on Socoloco as well as new posts from new contributors. One day soon we may even be looking for people to have a play with our new web app…

Our little community may be growing but it remains a small town at its soul. We hope you’ll continue join us in celebrating seasonal food by hosting a Seasonal Lunch, cooking recipes using seasonal ingredients, and contributing to the site – you never know who you might bump into!

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About JJ

JJ is editor and co-founder of Seasonal Sunday Lunch. She is a recipe developer, photographer, stylist, marketing consultant, freelance writer and creator of the popular food blog 84th & 3rd. JJ believes food should be fun, healthy does not mean boring and if all else fails pie makes everything better. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


  1. That is great news! Wonderful to expand the network of seasonal foodies and the web app sounds interesting.

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